The GTD Weekly Review

The GTD Tweekly Review today was great fun for me and seemed like it worked well for those who followed.  I will do another one.  Don’t know when yet, but will be sure to post on GTD Times, GTD Connect and Twitter when I come up with a date and time.  And, please don’t wait for me to do a Weekly Review on your own!  It’s all in the book, in the free article, System Guides and more.   I know there’s a special sauce factor of having a David Allen Coach lead you through it, but you can always find those motivators for yourself too!  Make it fun, give yourself a reward, find a buddy, give yourself a time limit like I did, or focus on one step and do it completely–whatever works.

Here are all 11 steps to the GTD Weekly Review, for your reference:


  • Collect loose papers and materials
  • Get “In” to zero
  • Empty your head


  • Review Action Lists
  • Review past calendar data
  • Review upcoming calendar
  • Review Waiting For list
  • Review Project (and larger outcome) lists
  • Review any relevant checklists


  • Review Someday/Maybe
  • Be creative & courageous

Best to not be too tied up in how often you “should” be doing a Weekly Review. Then, like avoiding writing your relatives because there’s just too much to catch up on, if you’re not getting to the Review regularly, you’ll just think it’s too much to catch up with, and you quit. Any time, any frequency, is better than not at all.” – David Allen

Until we meet again…