GTD at work & at home

We love hearing from GTD’ers around the world who are getting value out of David’s work.  This one came in from Richard in Japan:

Dear David,

I read your book and I wanted to share with you the incredible change it has made to my career. Since picking it up at a JFK airport bookstore during a business trip, I have implemented many of the techniques and I have developed ‘trust’ in my system to keep me on top of things. Not only has my career been taking off–I have been offered a major new responsibility–but most amazingly I’ve found that I am a much more relaxed and pleasant father and husband at home. Maybe not that surprising given how much less I worry and how much more in control I am.

Absolutely fantastic book. You have altered my life. I just finished the book this week and am already re-reading to make sure I got everything.


Richard Gustafson
Senior Director
Japan Business Development
Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

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