A Mom Who is Ready For Anything

David’s second book, Ready For Anything, is a wonderful little book, chock full of inspiring essays and helpful coaching questions.  It was born out of the “Food For Thought” essays he does in the free Productive Living newsletter (formerly called Productivity Principles.)  Kim, a mom in Ohio, wrote to David to share her experience with Ready For Anything.

I just wanted to let you know that I really have gained a lot from your book, Ready for Anything!  I am not a business person, or an entrepreneur.  In fact I do not even get paid for my work…but I do work — I am a Stay At Home Mom.  And, while I know I am not your target audience, I just wanted to let you know that this SAHM really got a lot from listening to your audio book.

My husband who does work outside the home in a small family business (providing me with the opportunity to stay at home with our “cherubs”) got your audiobook just before we left for a family vacation (which included a 13 hour drive).  So, while the kids were DVD’d and headphoned-up in the back seat, we listened to your wisdom.  I must say, I wasn’t actually excited to listen to some guy talk about organizing and prioritizing…but, damn, I’m glad I did.  I really got some great tidbits that I have incorporated into my “work”.


-Kim Dettmer
FYI:   talked about it in my blog