GTD & BlackBerry Guide is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of a resource that many of you have been asking for:  a  GTD & BlackBerry Guide.  A few of us are now on BlackBerry as our portable solution and we put together a Guide on the best GTD tips, tricks, and practices for making your BlackBerry rock for GTD.

It’s chock-full of 45 pages of coaching advice on getting the most out of shortcuts, Email, Tasks, the Calendar and MemoPad using the built-in features of a BlackBerry (which means you won’t find any  requirements of any 3rd-party software to buy to apply what’s in the Guide.)

Download a free sample

Buy the Guide now (only $10 for a PDF)

So…the next question that’s been pouring into our customer service department today:  What about a GTD Guide for iPhone users? The iPhone is a different animal because it was built without a Tasks application.   So users need something that enables them to view Tasks on the iPhone and a service to share that information with the desktop.  We do not have a solution we confidently recommend for that yet (except OmniFocus for Mac users), based on our testing, but I am tracking this all closely (as an iPhone user and BlackBerry user) and will create a Guide as soon as I feel confident we have something solid to recommend for Tasks.