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Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

We often get asked, “What software should I use to view my GTD task lists on the iPhone?

For those of you on Mac, our recommendation is OmniFocus. For those of you on PC or using Web-based apps, we have not vetted an iPhone application yet. Rest assured, we’re working hard on this and will be sure to make an announcement when we find something that

And of those, just the Netcentrics GTD® Outlook® Add-In and eProductivity™ for Lotus Notes® have earned the coveted “GTD-Enabled” distinction.

In the meantime, tap into the wisdom and personal experience of your fellow GTDers by reading the many discussions about this :

27 Responses to “Discussions about GTD & iPhone”

  1. Bjorn says:

    I saw on Facebook others commenting that they use Pocket Informant.
    For Windows and iPhone PI is simply outstanding. I have tried Toodledo and others but nothing beats PI. In addition to the great task functions (full GTD-style) I also get THE calendar the way a calendar for the iPhone should look. I have not used the built in calendar in the iPhone since I started to use PI.
    There are some features in PI I don’t use. In addition I use Netcentrics add-in for Outlook. PI works well without or with the add-in.
    A caveat – I use direct sync over WiFi. You can also sync via Toodledo and Google calendar. All work great. There is no way to sync via an Outlook Exchange server, but the guys who makes PI are working on it according to their website.

    To conclude: Stop looking, start using PI. 🙂

  2. I use Evernote. It’s great for lists, has notebooks, tags, etc. and works on Mac, Windows, web, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows machines (all synchronized.)

  3. Shulamit says:

    Bjorn, or any other PI user,

    Can you email me at shulamit at inbox dot com? I’d like to use PI but I have a few questions I’d like to ask a user first.



  4. OogieM says:

    Why not use the Omnifocus iPhone app? Seems to be working well for me….

  5. Bob says:

    I’ve been using ToodleDo with great success.

  6. Will says:

    I agree with the poster above – Evernote does the business and works well on iPhone/iPad

  7. Bjorn says:


    Email sent!

  8. Jeff Greenberg says:

    Omnifocus on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. By far the best.

  9. Mark Jantzen says:

    Collection of Tools.

    I’ve set-up my iPhone (iPad) with a collection of apps to support my GTD implementation.

    I use a Mac desktop and use a combination of tools:

    Calendar – iCal
    Actions & Projects – OmniFocus
    Contacts – Address Book
    Reference & Other Lists – Evernote
    E-mail – Apple Mail

    These four areas mimic an Outlook or Lotus Notes framework. Maybe not literally but good enough.

    This is my “main” GTD system. Because of security and confidentiality issues I have a work-specific segment within a secure Outlook-Blackberry system.


  10. Fil Salustri says:

    Omnifocus is terrible, and terribly overpriced. It’s clumsy, with a completely lack-lustre UI, and obese with feature bloat. In no particular order, Toodledo, Appigo ToDo, Pocket Informant, Task Pro, and Taska all beat the tar out of Omnifocus.

  11. Jon Reid says:

    I recommend Action Lists. The main buttons along the bottom are: Inbox, Action Lists, Projects, Waiting, and Someday.

  12. Jim Phillips says:

    I just began using Pocket Informant on my iPhone and I love it.

  13. Matt McIver says:

    I’ve read a lot of folks who left Omnifocus because it was too complicated. I used to use Things, but frankly it couldn’t handle the complexity of my projects and areas of responsibility. Omnifocus covered all my needs nicely, and the iPhone app plays well with the Mac desktop.

    I use Evernote for light reference (quick notes, photos of business cards) and PersonalBrain for most electronic reference. It’s brilliant. Also pretty considerable paper reference in my life.

  14. Heather says:

    I use Things on my iPod Touch and my Mac at home and work (only had to buy one copy to use on both desktop computers. I sync the two computers via a USB key (for some reason data gets messed up using Dropbox) and sync my Touch to my home computer. It works really well.

  15. Damien Moroney says:

    This has been a hot-button for me for some time. I used, and liked, GTD Outlook Add-in for some time but without having an iPhone app which syncs Tasks in a (somewhat) similar format, it’s rendered useless when I am away from the computer.

    Can anyone recommend an app that works with this plug-in?

    I recently discovered http://www.springpadit.com and, finally, I may have a GTD solution for my Windows machine, iPhone and iPad.

    If anyone is using Springpad for GTD, I would really be interested in knowing what your setup looks like and any tips/advice.

    BTW, I tried Evernote and did not like it, even though it offers a desktop solution and Springpad does not (yet).

  16. Robert says:

    Until recently I used a Blackberry, cable syncing with my work’s Lotus Notes system.
    I found this very effective and efficient with my main focus on having a portable calendar and Next Action lists (Tasks) with a similar setup to those described in the GTD Lotus Notes & Blackberry white papers.
    I was due a phone upgrade so plumped for an iPhone.
    My biggest concern was how to move my GTD system to iPhone.
    I’ve moved everything to Google and use AweSync to keep Lotus Notes work calendar and Google calendar in sync.
    For my NA lists I use Google Tasks and sync them to the iPhone with GeeTasks so I can keep up to date if I am offline. I no longer use LN todo list.
    I keep an Excel file, filled with work related NAs since I only ever work on these in the office they don’t need to be in my portable system. (e.g. Take client X paper file to archiving) I keep a separate worksheet in the Excel file for each of my work projects/clients.
    Each day in work I review Calendar, NA lists and the Excel file and decide what to do.
    I would say Blackberry is slightly more efficient due to the real keyboard but the new system is working pretty well!!

  17. Jon Giganti says:

    I’m struggling with this. I just switched to the Iphone and use Lotus Notes at work. I love eproductivity but it doesn’t look like that will work with the iphone. So far, I’m thinking the iphone isn’t for me and I may go back to the blackberry. I love the apps and UI, but the simplicity of the blackberry lists and syncing w/ LN (eprod) is driving me back. Simplicity is key for me.

  18. Chris Shaul says:

    I use Nozbe. It has a great Iphone and Ipad app for GTD. It also syncs up with Evernote.

    My big dilemma is I switched to an Android just recently and now am waiting for the Nozbe Android app, which should be out any day now.

  19. george roukas says:

    For me, the answer has been Tasktask. I’ve tried toodledoo, things, todo, and others for my iPhone and found the biggest obstacle is that they don’t connect well to outlook, (with the Netcentrics add-in,) which is where i manage most of my day. I did also try Todo’s outlook sync, but it was always breaking and twice i had to completely reload all the tasks and dedupe–which costs several hours of effort each time.

    I picked up Tasktask, which syncs over the air (wifi or 3G) with exchange directly and I think I’ve found a home. It allows me to review tasks on my phone and i can create new ones to put into an inbox for later processing with Netcentrics. The additional connectivity capability makes all the difference for me. No more dropped hand-offs between outlook and something else.

  20. JP says:

    I have used both PI and Omnifocus on my iPhone4. I first used PI then decided to try Omnifocus because of the later endorsement by David. Well, i was wrong after trying to switch from PI to omnifocus. After trying the features on omnifocus apps, i decided not to abandon PI. Its everything you need as your PIM. So, i totally agree with Bjorn…Stop looking, start using PI.

  21. Jack says:

    i have tried them all. smartytask is web based and is the fasted way to enter and sort tasks – I find that toodledo and nozbe took too much time to actual input data.

  22. Mary says:

    I have upgraded my iphone (3GS) to IOS 5 and have just bought the GTD guide to using Outlook 2010 as I have to use Windows on my pcs.
    Suggestions please…do I need any extra phone apps or will the reminders/tasks function in IOS 5 be sufficient?

  23. Kelly Forrister says:

    Hi Mary,

    We’re working on our recommendations for Reminders, and should be releasing that shortly, but early testing shows it should work well for GTD list management. Simply create a new list for each category/context.


  24. Christine says:

    Just a note that many here are still patiently waiting for Davidco’s think-through of how to use iOS 5’s Reminder function (especially in conjunction with MS Outlook).

  25. SHADY says:

    So 2+ years later and PC users are still out in the cold in this issue?

  26. Kelly says:

    Sorry Shady. This got derailed by the complex synching to Outlook and how to recommend that setup. And, we decided to accelerate the GTD & OmniFocus Setup Guide instead. That’s releasing this week.

    But GTD & Reminders is back in the queue.

  27. mark steele says:

    Does anyone know how to configure gsyncit to synch to PI Online? Mark

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