Take the 14-day GTD Challenge

Get help in your journey with GTD. Join two Senior David Allen Company Coaches for a 14-day GTD Challenge, designed to bring your productivity to a whole new level.  The Challenge will take place between September 22  and October 6 and is hosted by our online learning community, GTD Connect. Free and open to all GTD Connect members (including those on a two-week guest pass.)

Part one will kick off with a live webinar on September 22nd, going over GTD best practices and giving you tools to design a game plan for maximizing your efficiency and GTD systems. In other words, how well can you “do” GTD? How much better could your systems be?

At the end of the 14 days, on October 6th, part two will bring participants back together on a webinar to look back on your successes, lessons learned, and tips for making positive changes stick.

Intended for those who have at least a basic understanding of GTD, as it will build on the core models for control & perspective.

Login to GTD Connect to register through the links on the home page. Questions? Contact us at connect@davidco.com.