Webinar with David Allen: Breaking Through Procrastination

Join David Allen and Senior Coach Kelly Forrister as they discuss keys for breaking through procrastination, including:

  • Why bright people procrastinate the most
  • Dumbing down your brain
  • Typical causes and cures
  • The bottom line of why we procrastinate

This webinar is free for GTD Connect members. You can sign up for a free trial membership, and when you log in, you’ll find the webinar information on the home page of GTD Connect.

And coming up in January, GTD Connect members will have another opportunity to participate in the hugely popular 14-day GTD Challenge. Members who did the recent 14-day GTD Challenge had this to say:

“Great webinar by Meg and Kelly as usual. I liked your advice on picking ‘Wins’ for the 14 days, instead of trying to climb the entire mountain at once.”

“Coaching from the webinar has gotten me more relaxed and re-energized about GTD.”

“The Webinar really motivated me to get back on track. Though I’ve been really busy, I’ve made time to get clear and current again.”

The free trial membership is easy to begin—just first name and email address—with no cost or commitment.