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How can I download my 270 yahoo mails to Outlook one more??

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  • How can I download my 270 yahoo mails to Outlook one more??


    I am just starting to implement the whole thing, just got the add-in, never used outlook b4...

    So I downloaded all my yahoo emails once (leaving it on the server if I mess up) to play around with it.
    I then erased the majority... ann right now would treat them for real, gtd-style, only I can't' figure out how to download the whole thing again for the second time%^&
    I think outlook recognizes that it pulled them b4 and doesn't wanna do it again - which is gnerally smart, but right now messes up my big clean-up plans.

    You know the answer how to do this again??

    I looked around send/receive but didn't see an option for that...



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    Are the messages in your inbox on Yahoo. I found out that Outlook will only synch with the Yahoo inbox, not with any messages in folders. I was able to transfer a whole history of messages in Yahoo, by emptying the inbox first and then moving one folder at a time to the inbox, synching with outlook and then dragging the messages to a new folder on outlook. I even did this with the sent box too.



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      Yes, those folders are mostly in my yahoo inbox (and sent items).

      I don't have other folders created in yahoo.

      I wasn't clear in my post -> I downloaded everything to outlook, played around/tested it, and.... erased it all on outlook (everything is still on yahoo).
      Now, I am trying to downlod the whole *same) yahoo thing AGAIN - only outlook doesn't wanna receive it - since it obviously recognizes that it received (and processed) those exact emails oncce b4...

      Hence my q: how can I download THE SAME yahoo mails a second time/how can I circumvent that outlook send/receive setting (only that one time - otherwise a smart feature) that blocks those emails it downloaded b4???

      Thanks again!



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        That was a great tip, though, Paul. Thanks!


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          No idea if this will work, but I think I recall that you can create a new user profile in Outlook (or a new Windows profile). You might then be able to download them to the new profile, which wouldn't have the same record as the old profile of the earlier download. If that works, save the whole lot of them in a PST file, then open up your old, original profile and load the PST file in.

          Again, I have no idea if that will work, but it's what I'd try.

          Or you could forward each message to yourself, though I wouldn't want to do that with 270 messages.


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            One other idea...

            If you have an upgrade to Yahoo mail - like one of the pay service options, you can create a zip archive of your mails in Outlook Express format. You can then open this and create a folder in Outlook express. I think you can then probably import this into Outlook - but I am not sure how to do this.

            It may not be that simple, because I remember trying this when I fully migrated recently from Yahoo to Outlook during a busines transition period, and I couldn't get it to work - but maybe I was just trying to do this with folders - can't remember the details. Sorry



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              just lost my 270 yahoo inbox mails....................

              I just unchecked that option 'leave mail on server' in outlook email preferences.

              Little did I know#$%^&
              I thought this refers to FUTURE mail only........................

              Since I - for 'practice purposes' - had downloaded my 300 yahoo emails once before, -> and then deleted them on outlook (yes, really deleted them) --> thinking I could download them again and THEN gtd them for real, OUTLOOKED DELETED ALL THOSE 300 MAILS on yahoo as well now - after I unchecked 'leave mail on server...

              They sure are NOT in my yahoo trash... ^_^

              Let's see what the experts say...