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  • Someday/Maybe

    I had many items listed in my Someday/Maybe and now they are gone. Can anyone tell me why this would happen. It is very aggravating, because now I have to try to recreate my Someday/Maybes.

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    Gone from where?


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      Please explain what you say, you have not given an accurate description

      ie, which pda or desktop app are you using. what did you do, was it a hotsync error, what exactly happen?


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        Probably Never

        Your someday maybe items may have slipped off into your "probably never" list.

        Happens to me all the time. ..


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          I do apologize for not being more specific. You can certainly tell I am not used to posting.

          I use a Palm IIIc with the Palm OS 4. I use Outlook for all of my tasks, meetings, and notes. The Someday/Maybe category was in the Outlook Tasks with individual annotations; i.e. Vacation - Australia, Vacation - Quebec; Movies to Rent - Dear to My Heart, Movies to Rent - Enchanted April; Garden - Landscaping; etc. One day they were all there, the next day they were all gone.

          I hope this is clearer than my previous message.


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            Gone from where? Your Palm? Outlook? Both? If they still reside on one platform, it's easy to "force" them back onto the other.


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                Did you have any problems hotsyncing before or thereafter, something similar happened to memo a while ago, I simply remove the .dat files of both the memo and todo and all was back to normal but that's why I ask if you had problems hotsyning, cuz that's how it started on my clie.


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                  I had no problems hotsyncing before or after.