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What mobile list manager do you use?

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    I've really fallen in love with the elegant simplicity of Workflowy. There was no learning curve and it's easy to jump into to capture thoughts as needed.


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      Do you prefer "free" software where you are the product?

      Originally posted by mcogilvie View Post
      Yes, but I think it is unwieldy and pricy. I'm not sure what options PC users have- I left windows behind a long time ago.
      Pricy? Do you prefer "free" software where you are the product (your attention or personal/behavioral data)?


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        Originally posted by thomas611 View Post
        I've really fallen in love with the elegant simplicity of Workflowy. There was no learning curve and it's easy to jump into to capture thoughts as needed.
        I'm with you thomas611... kind of surprised Workflowy hasn't received more love in these forums. I'm on my second go around with Workflowy. Originally, I tried to use two programs with it: GCal for calendar and Toodledo for some repeating tasks and quick capture. But three programs felt too unwieldy and I reverted to my previous system of just Toodledo and GCal. I quickly found myself missing the "elegant simplicity" AND flexibility of Workflowy.

        Now I've settled in on a GCal/Workflowy combo. Workflowy just works with my brain... it's lightweight and lightning fast. Its ability to focus, distraction-free on a topic/list is unmatched. Can't see myself going back to a traditional task manager anytime soon.

        Of course, everyone's brains are different and that's why we have all these software options... and software opinions.


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          Originally posted by TesTeq View Post
          Pricy? Do you prefer "free" software where you are the product (your attention or personal/behavioral data)?
          No thanks, Tes, I prefer to pay my own way. I've rotated lately between Things and Omniocus. Nozbe just doesn't seem that good a value for the money in comparison.


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            Took many paths and finally landed on OneNote

            I've been half following the GTD method for years with varying degrees of commitment (I always thought I knew better than the experts... silly me). I've bounced back and forth between digital and paper... keeping everything synchronized has always been my Achilles heel.

            Recently I decided to give the system my full attention and really take heed to the expert advice available. Signed up for GTD>Connect and was set out to build a full-size paper based system when simultaneously I realized this was going to be far too bulky for my use and how the "notebook" format is ideally suited for Microsoft OneNote. Sync issues solved with the OneNote Android app and by nature of the beast should I decided to go back to paper I can simply print out my OneNote, punch and insert into a binder.

            I still love paper in my heart of hearts and to satisfy that a "reporter" Moleskine notebook and Pilot G-2 pen are always in my pocket ready to capture quick thoughts and inspirations and an A5 Moleskine stays based at my home office for end of day reflection and journaling.


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              Simplenote for GTD

              I am a passionate GTD fan since I read David's book about 2 years ago. It has worked great for me so far, but I never found the tool that just "felt" right. There were always to many bells and whistles or the sync across Desktop and Mobile Devices wasn't great.
              I recently came up with a rather simplistic GTD solution that works very well for me so far. It helps me to focus on the GTD methodology itself rather playing around with the software. If you are interested, I put it down in a short guide, and I hope it might also be helpful to other people.
              This approach is entirely free and would cost you nothing. You can even use it without simplenote but with just the tools your favorite operating system has to over, what makes it highly portable and future-proof.


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                Mylifeorganized on PC and Android version. It's very simple, but powerful tool.


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                  Have not found anything better

                  It has
                  - a classic "GTD menu" with the Next etc lists and projects,
                  - manual rearrangement of all lists,
                  - two dates (both tickler and deadline; and a third date is planned for reminders),
                  - all task characteristics (contexts, energy etc, people etc) visible in the list and in the top filter bar of the web app (menu in ios) and as global searches across all lists,
                  - lightning speed,
                  - reliable offline operation with smooth automatic resync when connection is reestablished,
                  - simple, intuitive design

                  and it has (things that many others appreciate more than I do):

                  - automatic sequential projects (as an alternative to the standard parallel)
                  - area switch ("workspace" switch), which allows people to hide their private stuff when at work, and vice versa

                  What I personally lack most, that most other apps have, is a priority setting with color. I also have lots of other wishes that neither Nirvana nor any other app seems to have.


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                    I'm Still New But I Think I've Settled

                    I'm new to GDT, so new in fact that the term Rookie is a little biot grand!

                    Hardware-wise I have Windows Phone 8 (which I love, those live tiles are amazing for quick info), a Windows tablet and desktop.

                    I've tried Remember The Milk, Toodledo, Papirus, Redmill and all sorts but after reading DA's guide to how to set up Outlook, I've found that to rock the awesome quite well.

                    I want my personal and work tasks lists separate, but accessible from everywhere. To do that, I have my personal calendar and office Exchange calendar available on all devices in a single view, but to access my tasks, I've had to use different apps (would rather not, but that's just how it is). For my personal life, I have 2Day and for work, I use Viperal Tasks.

                    Having two apps sounds like a pain, but the Live Tile system on Windows Phone means that to all intents and purposes, reading my status is pretty consistent in look and feel while the separate tiles allow me to differentiate between work and personal. The only drawback to this so far is the different interfaces (I love the interface on 2Day, but it only supports one ASE account - Vioperal tasks is nice, but I'm not so enamoured).

                    OneNote is the perfect collection tool since I can dictate notes to it, or just type and they're there ready for processing.


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                      Originally posted by tominperu View Post
                      I use Next Action! on the blackberry synched with Outlook on the computer at work.

                      Wow! That's really great to hear you're using our app. We're about to launch a BlackBerry 10 native version of NextAction!. Would you be interested in that one?


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                        Asana & NextAction!


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                          I'm settled on a combination of Outlook, Netcentrics GTD addon, Milk Sync and Remember the Milk.

                          Most of my input goes through the Remember the Milk web client which is synced to my iPad and iPhone as well as my desktop Outlook via MilkSync.

                          In Outlook I use the Netcentrics addon to action emails, which in turn sync into RTM.

                          Previously when using Blackberry, my main input and reference was Outlook using RTM as a backup that was accessible from my home PC etc, but since moving away from Blackberry I see the use of Outlook tasks decreasing and more and more going through the main RTM interface, so much so that I would get rid of the GTD addon in Outlook and Milksync if i could find a comfortable way of interfacing actioned emails directly to RTM.


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                            Everytask on Android has proven really nice and it's free. But if you want to pay to unlock it, you have a bunch of different backup capabilities and then for $1.99 a month they've now made a really nice web application that allows you to interact with your lists on your desktop. So far, it's the best GTD implementation I've found. Would like to see a custom section for agendas, but now I'm just nitpicking.


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                              I use the Evernote app on my Android phone for personal lists and Touchdown to access Outlook for work lists.



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                                Evernote with my own setup! I use tags for almost everything except for 2 specialised reference filing systems.