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  • Audiobooks

    I am a regular listener to Audiobooks - generally rented through Books on Tape or Recorded Books. I tried a book from iTunes (interestingly enough it was "Getting Things Done")and found that, instead of being divided into 3-5 minute tracks like CDs, it was one huge, 2:45min+ track. This is problamatic if you lose your spot. There is no quick way to return or search easily with out long fast forward searches. I was wondering if all downloadable books are that way or if there is a fix for that problem if they are.


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    I listen to audiobooks in mp3 format from My player automatically remembers where I left off on each separate book. There is also a bookmark feature, but I rarely use it.



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      When one burns an title to CD it is typically divided into eleven tracks that are each about seven minutes long on each CD. This isn't too bad if you lose your place.

      I listen to MP3s on my RIO 600 and it has a bookmark feature so there is no problem with one long file there.


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        I use an ipod to read audiobooks from Audible and its interface has a simple fast forwarding or reversing mechanism that you can use to go to the back or front of a long book real easy! I highly recommend it!


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          ipod addition

          I forgot to mention that the ipod also automatically keeps your place in the book from where you left it last.


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            I listen to Audible books, and books purhcased from iTunes, on my iPod. It stores the bookmark of your last location. iTunes will do that as well.