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Just Starting and Looking for a Planner and some tips

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  • Just Starting and Looking for a Planner and some tips


    I am still just starting out with GTD, and I am not a 100% digital guy, although I have a smart phone, and I am begining to use evernote, at then end I still want to keep a paper planner (Binder Style). I had a Franklin Covey, but that fell apart after 6 months (Binder portion fell out). What are you paper people using with GTD. Looks like DavidCo had a planner at one point (GTD Coordinator), but it appears to be out of production, with a possible reintroduction in 2014. So until that option may be available, any thought/recommendations? I have done some searching, buy a bunch of posts point to and that site seems to have left the web ether.



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    paper planner

    I just used a quality, zip up, 8.5/11 inch binder. I bought dividers with pouches and called them the usual: In, Calendar, Actions, Projects, Project Support, reference, horizons. Used my official Brother labeller to make the divider labels.

    I used heavy stock paper from Office Depot, and got the little stick-on Post It index tabs for the individual lists under Action. (computer, home, work, waiting for, brain dead, etc.) Errands go on Outlook which synchs to Android (Galaxy 4).

    worked great. Binder is a bit big and heavy and I wonder if I should have used the smaller size, but it was nice to be able to put a full sized sheet of paper in it. For example, I printed my own project planning worksheets with Outcome, Principles, Support (Outlook folder, Windows folder, paper, etc) as a checklist, Brainstorming, Organizing, and next actions.

    Am now migrating to Evernote and enjoying the process but paper is the way to go when learning! And for many it remains the way to go.



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      Filofax for me

      I just really like these leather binders. I have a personal size binder which allows you to use other paper rather than Filofax if you want to. Downside of filofax is that local stores are hard to find but online sales are easy. Also, some models can be pricey so look for sales or used planners.

      You also may want to consider Staples Arc. It is the Levenger circa knock off and gives you a nice affordable and versatile binder.


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        Got a planner not on to getting Evernote worked out.

        Thanks for the input!

        I went down to Staples yesterday, and looked at what they had in stock. I must have spent a half and hour looking at what they had. I endedup pickup up a smaller Franklin Cover (Classic size) with a zipper closure. Even though I had bad luck with my Monarch size, this one seemed built better and the price point was low enough that if it does not fit my needs it will not be as painful as my monarch experience was.

        I ordered some 2-page per day refills for that will get me through until December.

        Now I have to improve my method for using Evernote for tracking and archiving. Seems my work and tasking does not quite fit into the GTD setup tutorial I used.


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          In case you still need some additional forms or such, is certainly alive and well. Maybe they were having issues with the site while you were searching?

          Good luck on your implementation. Give yourself time and don't be surprised if you have to make some tweaks along the way.



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            diyplanner is still no response here, this is with at least three different ISPs. A DNS lookup shows the owner never renewed it.



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              Originally posted by LCiotti001 View Post

              diyplanner is still no response here, this is with at least three different ISPs. A DNS lookup shows the owner never renewed it.

              Hmm, That's odd. I'm looking at it, and I can access any page, so it's not a cached copy.

              Whois shows the reg expires on Saturday. Hopefully all will be resolved shortly as it was a great resource for paper forms.


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                Hmmm now it works... First timeshare been able to view the site.


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                  Glad it's working now.
                  All's well that ends well.