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desktop calendar print out??

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  • desktop calendar print out??

    any thoughts on software that can put out various formats for the Palm Desktop for Clie Datebook. I really just want a 'week-at-a-glance' type view & it doesn't seem to be available with the standard desktop installation.

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    I've post a request for suggestions on printing about once a quarter for the past year. I used to use Daytimer, but that no longer syncs to the palm. Outlook doesn't do what I need. I've tried so many programs that used to have very useful print outs, but have upgraded and lost their printing usefulness or no longer sync to palm OS 5. I've just ordered Calendar Creater Deluxe 10 as they advertise the ability to sync with palms and import Outlook data, but I've read so many bad reviews of this product that I'm not really very optimistic. If you, or anyone, prints their calendar to a grid format without cutting off the discription or notes of the entry using a software program that syncs to palm OS 5 I'd really, really, really be interested in hearing about it. I love the palm, but being able to mark up the paper really facilitates my thinking/planning.