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PlanPlus 3.0 - This just might be the one... !

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  • PlanPlus 3.0 - This just might be the one... !

    Just downloaded the trial of PlanPlus 3.0. So far I've got to say that Franklin may actually have gotten a version right! I tried versions 1 and 2 and gave up on them after an hour - they were buggy pieces of junk. So far so good with 3.0.

    The new project feature which allows you to create outlines linked to tasks actually works fairly well - this just might be the version which breaks me away from Ecco Pro as my main GTD tool.

    There is the usual covey methodology embedded in the product however this can be ignored if you are using GTD. Just use the categories to classify your tasks by context and you have all you need for GTD.

    There is a 30 day trial version available for download - check it out and add your impressions

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    Planplus 3.0: this might be *another* one

    I tried to install PlanPlus 3.0 from the trial download. Install failed with Error 1904- FranklinCoveyCB.dll failed to register. I uninstalled, and got Error 1905- FranklinCoveyCB.dll failed to unregister. Not confidence inspiring, but reminiscent of the tremendous problems people have reported with Franklin Covey software. I will report this to their support line, just for kicks, though.



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      Re: Planplus 3.0: this might be *another* one

      Originally posted by mcogilvie
      I tried to install PlanPlus 3.0 from the trial download. Install failed with Error 1904- FranklinCoveyCB.dll failed to register. I uninstalled, and got Error 1905- FranklinCoveyCB.dll failed to unregister. Not confidence inspiring, but reminiscent of the tremendous problems people have reported with Franklin Covey software. I will report this to their support line, just for kicks, though.

      The fix from tech support was to uninstall, run the PlanPlus cleaner from their website, run a Repair install of Outlook (or Office), then reinstall PlanPlus. It worked, but was a lot of effort.

      I ended up uninstalling PlanPlus 3.0 the next day because it was still too slow to navigate back and forth to the PlanPlus Home and I don't really like the Daily Record or ABC prioritizing. I do like the Weekly Compass, but wasn't willing to keep PP installed just for that. I can probably achieve the same thing in the Calendar TaskPad with some interesting category names.


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        Da*n it

        There ought to be a law besides 'buyer beware'! Why & how does Franklin Covey get away with putting out such enticing crap! It infuriates me to no end. There's is the only software in 10 years of computing that causes such problems that I have ever encountered.

        On the positive slant however, it reminds me that I shouldn't have to rely on hi-tech tools to plan out my simple day & it's intended accomplishments. David Allen himself stated that all of this can be performed on the backs of envelopes with stubby pencils.

        So be it


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          Do you have the link for the planplus cleaner? I can't seem to find it & waiting on tech support to reply. Don't blame 'em but they don't work weekends, it seems!

          I agree, this is not a great way to start out, having issues with installs. I thought it might have been because I demo'd 2.0 but found it agonizingly slow.

          My main reason for wanting to look at it again is I want one screen in Outlook that I can view my emails & tasks. I can't seem to figure out a different way. Any advice would be welcome. What happens to me, is I stay at my Inbox, and rarely look at my task list to decide what to work on next. Out of site, out of mind. It's more greasing the squeaky wheel. So, I'm thinking if I can at least see the task list frequently then I might start to use it. Frankly, that's my whole problem with my GTD system. I tend not to look at it because I get overwhelmed...but then I'm worrying about what I'm not looking at. Depression+perfectionist+procrastinator=YIKES!



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            Murphy's law - As soon as you submit a post requesting information, you will find it. Just found the cleaner, but you know, one of my biggest pet peeves is regarding websites. If I can't find something within 5 clicks (I'm being generous), the UI needs to be reviewed.

            The file is called planplus for microsoft outlook cleaner v1.0.36, yet a search for planplus cleaner results in 0 entries. Argh!



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              For anyone else, the link is



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                Thanks to bdavidson for help

                I have the trial installed now, thanks to the advice bdavidson gave. It says I have zero days left in the trial for reasons unknown (I haver never installed PlanPlus before), but I can see enough to get a flavor. It's not bad, so far

                Mike Ogilvie


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                  I had the same issue. I had had PlanPlus 2.0 trial installed at some time in the past. I chatted with FC tech support and this was the suggestion I got:

                  Since you are unable to open the trial version and you get the Zero days left error in that case, I suggest you to contact our Technology Sales department on 1 (800) 877 - 1814 between 6:00 am - 6:00 pm hours Mountain Standard Time (MST) and let them know about your issue and they will provide you the product key to open the software.
                  I found a registry hack to get me around it for the day or two I left it installed. Since I am a PP2.0 owner, I didn't feel I was violating any laws, just making up for their inept software/registration coding.



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                    I'm not sure if you're using Plan Plus for Outlook or for Windows XP. My experience with the version for Windows XP hasn't been very good. I'm on the verge of uninstalling it and using the basic Palm software instead.

                    I've used Franklin Covey software since Ascend and the paper planner before that. But I'm disappointed that Plan Plus doesn't have some good features from FPS 8 (putting birthdays on the calendar when you enter them in contacts, repeating tasks, attaching documents to tasks or calendars). What's really bugging me & has me ready to ask for my money back is a repeated problem with duplicates. Maybe another version or two down the road, it'll be ready but I don't think it's there yet.


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                      Don't bother it doesn't work!


                      The principles behind the 7 Habits do!


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                        I have been using PlanPlus for Outlook version 3.0--I think it works just fine. The combination of Covey (big picture) and GTD (runway) works quite well, I think


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                          PlanPlus v3 works

                          Most of all I like the new projects functionality in PlanPlus v3. If you like to detail out all the next actions on a specific project from the start, then PlanPlus can be very helpful. Project activities are immediately created as tasks in your task list and you can easily integrate existing tasks in your projects.


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                            Planplus 3.0 is buggy

                            After about 2 weeks with the PlanPlus trial (Outlook 2003 with Windows XP), I uninstalled it. There were repeatable problems. The projects module tended to introduce blank tasks which could only be deleted from elsewhere in outlook. Some of my tasks were marked as delegated (big Franklin circle O) and I could not find a way to change them back permanently, i.e., I changed them, and they reverted to Delegated. Finally, Outlook started freezing up. I deleted PlanPlus and have had no problems with Outlook since. Caveat Emptor!



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                              I have been using FC PlanPlus for quite a while. While I like the layout and design as a whole, the software leaves a lot to be desired. First off let me say that regardless of who makes the software, when you have a PC that is always changing e.g., trying this freeware, trying that shareware, installing this trial software etc. and uninstalling said software... your machine gets bogged down with a LOT of excess garbage left over in various places. Most importantly the Registry.

                              People who have NEW PC's or have recently reformatted and have done "clean" installs of their respective operating systems find little problem with software. So when evaluating software you need to keep this in mind, it's not always the software companies fault the software is not working on your machine.

                              Now, FC just came out with PlanPlus 3.X. For me what are the advantages? First off, NONE! To me there are not any NEW improvements that warrant a $50 upgrade. While there was a "graphical" change, basically what an enduser is paying for in my opinion are fixes for bugs and issues that should have been taken care of in incremental releases. I think it is a shame that the software is updated in "major" releases like this and in essence all they are, are patches and fixes bundled together with a major upgrade number attached "3.X"

                              Next time around, there will be minor fixes in 3.X, but within a year... look forward to PP 4.X! New fixes for all the stuff that should have been fixed in 3.X but you get to pay $50 again! Yeah!

                              So as a long time user of FCPP, I'm switching to the GTD methodology and have started to use the GTD Manual for Outlook Workflow Processing. And guess what? It will ALWAYS work! I never have to pay for a patch or fix.