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Time-saver for watching a web page

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  • Time-saver for watching a web page

    Found a pretty cool service that will save you some time (and it's free).

    I have been watching for a particular item to show up on a web site's product page (perpetual "coming soon" status) and tried variations of recurring weekly appts on my calendar, reminders on my "@computer - web" or "@waiting for" lists, etc.

    Found a cool service that solved the problem for me. It's at "" and it really works well. You sign up to tell it your email address, etc. for notifications, then you add one or more URL's to a "watch list" and set a frequency to check the pages. When the page changes, you get an email that tells you the page has changed along with the text that has been added to the page.

    Quite a time saver. Careful - don't confuse it with "" which isn't free (never tried it so I don't know how well it works, either).

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    If you use Netscape as your browser, it can do the same thing with any page in your bookmarks.


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      That's cool - I'll have to check it out.

      What I like about this is that I don't have to be online to get notified. It just alerts me via email on the schedule I set up, then I go check it out next time I'm online.

      The "here's what's different" summary also helps me figure out whether I want to go online and look or not.


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        Whoa - I'm pretty excited about this one. Could be a great way to read non-RSS pages on Bloglines (Bloglines is a free online RSS reader that includes email subscriptions). Must Check Out!!


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          Hmm - couldn't get it to work (kept getting "Could not download the requested page" errors). However, I stumbled upon something even better: , a free service to create RSS feeds from non-RSS'd websites. Works really well!