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bonsai for macs

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  • bonsai for macs

    does anyone know of an outliner program like bonsai that will run on macs? I was just looking at how well it integrates an outline with to do's and calendars.

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    I forgot to say on a palm connected to a mac. I want this for my palm pilot.


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      Try Shadow Plan

      I've used Shadow Plan for years - a recently released beta desktop for Mac is looking pretty good. It still needs a few tweaks to graduate from beta, but I think you'll find it more than capable - not quite as 'pretty' as Bonsai, but a solid tool. Handheld version is in some ways better (more functionality and customizable) than Bonsai IMHO. It's worth a look at...

      - MB


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        Life Balance from


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          I use/used

          I've just switched to LifeBalance, sort of playing around with it right now.

          I have used DevonThink (OSX 10.2 and higher) which you can test drive here:

          Also I use Aquaminds' NoteTaker for tons of work related tasks. I have just set up GTD in its own notebook, and I want to compare which is the best solution for me. NoteTaker is at . Before these I make my own templates etc in FileMaker Pro 6 and in Excel.

          [You can also blog and directly browse dynamic pages in a notebook. Even one you post online with keep the embedded browsers and dynamic links. Go visit for details .. that blog is Kevin's proof of concept blog.]