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  • password keeper for palm

    Part of my system has always been keeping all of my passwords on my Palm. Having upgraded to a T3, I need to find a new password program. Does anyone have one that they love? Thanks for the recommendations.

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    I personally use a program called "KeyRing" on my Palm. It's a no-frills, Open Source (GPL), no-charge application for keeping passwords on the Palm. IThere are also viewers for Windows, Linux and Java, as well as source for making your own conduits.

    Hope this helps!


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      Keyring is awesome! Thanks for the tip!



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        About 4 months ago, I also needs to update my password program. I decided to go with Chapura's TurboPasswords. Besides storing passwords and other sensitive info on my T3, it also has a Windows desktop companion program. The key feature I like on the desktop is it's ability to automatically fill in website logins. My company has many web-based applications. The auto login is a major time saver for me.



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          Has anyone been able to download a Windows conduit? I'd like to see the info on my PC as well.


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            "Secret!" from has both a Palm application and a destop application. You can buy the PDA version alone, the PC version alone, or both as a package. It includes 128-bit encryption.



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              I've used SplashID for years. The other components of the SplashWallet Suite (SplashMoney, SplashPhoto, SplashShopper) are excellent also.



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                I use YAPS (Yet Another Password Safe), which has 256-bit blowfish encryption. The software for the PDA is free. The desktop viewer is shareware for around $9. The downside of the viewer is that you can't edit on the desktop (last I heard anyway). I only use the PDA version.


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                  I have to second the motion for secret! from Linkesoft.
                  The software is just what is needed, it is easy to use, stable, etc..

                  And.. I had to get to my Data after I switched to PPC and my palm was sold. The programmer was more than helpful and provided me with the means to extract the data (I still had the PW) from an OLD database. (I hadn't bothered to keep my software up to date and was several versions behind)

                  All in all down-to-eath, to-the-point software and great support.

                  I just wish they would release a PPC version. I miss the TAN feature.