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Ideas for tool to highlight statements on-screen

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  • Ideas for tool to highlight statements on-screen


    I've subscribed to a thingie at my bank that sends my credit card statements on-line. When I used to get the paper statements, I used to conciliate them to the receipts I've collected using a pen, placing a checkmark next to the line on the statement.

    Now that i've gone paperless, is there any way I can kind of "highlight" the items on-screen?

    The only way i've fond yet is to take a screen capture and edit the image with something like Hypersnap DX or Paint...

    Any thoughts? Thanks!


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    Sigh. If only technology would catch up on the things it's still easier to do with paper and pen.

    I'm interested to know if anyone has a solution, because I'd love to go paperless.


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      Re: Ideas for tool to highlight statements on-screen

      Originally posted by Eggman
      I've subscribed to a thingie at my bank that sends my credit card statements on-line.
      Is the statement sent via e-mail? In which format? If it is importable to Microsoft Word you can easily highlight items in this word processor.
      If the statement is viewable as web page - maybe you can also import and edit it in Microsoft Word.


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        You can download a trial copy of OneNote if you're not already using it.
        Also download the print to Onenote Power toy at

        I then print my statements to OneNote and highlight away!


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          This was a tough one. First, usually any bank statement that can be veiwed online has the ability to be exported also in Excel format. If this is the case, then export to Excel and highlight away.

          If this is not the case or you don't have Excel, then there is a kludge. In Internet Explorer 6.X go to the File pull-down menu, select Edit with Microsoft Word. Then while in Word you can highlight the text you want. The highlighting tool is on the Formatting Toolbar. If you do not see it, you'll have to right-click on the toolbar and choose Customize. Then choose Format in the left-hand Categories box, then on the right scroll down and choose the Highlight tool. Depending on what the source web page looks like... will determine how elegant or ugly the end product is.

          Not the best way, but the only free way of know of to date.