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Outlook, Exchange and Personal Information.

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  • Outlook, Exchange and Personal Information.

    I am just wondering how people sync their Palm and PPCs at their place of work? Everywhere I've worked in the last several years uses MS Exchange as a back end for Outlook. I have to sync my calendar and contacts with Outlook, since it is my mail client and all my corporate appointments are theer. Anything that goes into Outlook gets backed up on Exchange and is, generally considered the property of the company. I have been syncing my tasks and memos to Palm desktop. I don't want to give all my personal information to corporate IT, but it would be great to have my data in a single application.

    What do others do and think?

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    Outlook, Exchange and Personal Information

    I sync my PPC with my Outlook data on my home and work laptops through Intellisync (, which syncs data selectively using filters. On my home computer I assign a category "Home" to all personal appointments and tasks (items I don't want on my work exchange server), and sync only that category. At work, I sync everything that does not have a "Home" category. This dumps everything on the work computer into the PPC.

    So home appts stay at home, work appts stay at work, and the PPC displays a merged view of both calendars/task lists. If I create an appt/task on the PPC, I can mark it with the "Home" category to mark it as personal and sync only with my home computer.

    Intellisync syncs calendar, tasks, contacts, and inbox. No notes/memo support. It's also a bit pricey if filters are all you're using.


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      Intellisync is the office standard. UNfortunatley, I use KeySuite since I have a Palm OS5, I needed to upgrade my contact list to recognise more than 1 address\email\phone per contact.

      If I upgrade my device later in the year, I will switch to Intellisync.

      Does Intellisync work with Treo smart phones?