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GTD w/Nokia Communicator

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  • GTD w/Nokia Communicator

    Hello all,

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips on using a Nokia Communicator (mine is the 9210i) for GTD?

    Many thanks.

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    Nokia 9300.

    Currently I'm testing Nokia 9300 Communicator but because of the flawed internationalization (unusable Polish keyboard configuration) I'm not so excited. Besides the keyboard itself is not so comfortable for me.
    But the calendar/todo application reminds me the good old days of Psion 3 PDA. You can have multiple todo lists so it might be easy to implement GTD.


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      No sync of multiple task lists with 9300

      Sorry to say but I did buy the smaller Nokia 9300 recently and found that the multiple task list sync was gone! The old 9210i handled this very well.

      So all categorized Outlook tasks sync to the first task list in 9300. No way to tell the difference in 9300.
      I even asked the Nokia HelpDesk if the behaviour was a functionality, and not a bug. Well, it is a functionality.

      As I'm not interested to manually move every new task to the right task list:
      If anyone has found a hack to deal with this please tell (dropping the 9300 into the sea is not the obvious solution)!


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        I'm just getting started using the 9300 with GTD, and here's how I believe I'm going to go about it.

        I've created an upgraded account with - an excellent web tool that allows you to create multiple lists (with notes, images, files, etc.). Inherent in the Backpack setup is the ability to e-mail new To-Dos, Notes, and Files directly to each page (or, in my case, each contextual nextaction page). This allows one to add things to their inbox/lists remotely via the 9300's e-mail interface.

        Additionally, you can configure reminders that are sent via e-mail or SMS. What's cool about this feature is two things: new SMS messages actually trigger an alarm on your 9300; and you can configure reminders to be e-mailed directly to another list within your system (if, for instance, you have a waitingfor item that could be accomplished only after a certain day, you can trigger that item to be automatically e-mailed to your nextaction list on the appropriate day).

        Lastly, Backpack has a mobile version of its interface that is much speedier than the full site. You can review and manipulate all the data in your lists remotely via your 9300 browser quite effectively. After all, as good as Opera is on the 9300, transfer speeds can be a real pain.

        Just some thoughts..