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Pocket PC - any tips for applying GTD?

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  • Pocket PC - any tips for applying GTD?

    Hi - I've been a paper planner user for many years (currently using a Day Planner). I've been implementing GTD for a while now and think I've got the hang of the basics. However I'm being given an HP Pocket PC (hx2110) soon and I would like to try applying the GTD methodology using the PPC.

    I'd appreciate any tips or tricks or pointing in the right direction on the best type of software or approach to use with the PPC from a GTD perspective.

    Looking forward to hearing from fellow GTDers.

    Regards ... Kenmont

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    You might want to check out my website, Time Management for PDAs, at

    My "Managing Tasks" Page focuses on the GTD approach.

    I think you'll love your Pocket PC.

    Take care,


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      Pocket PC - any tips for applying GTD?


      Thanks for the link to your website - it is just what I was looking for. I especially like the list of recommended software.

      All the best ... Kenmont


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        Originally posted by kenmont

        Thanks for the link to your website - it is just what I was looking for. I especially like the list of recommended software.

        All the best ... Kenmont
        Great! Glad it was helpful,

        Take care,


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          An old Pocket PC user...

          You got given an iPAQ? Lucky you! I think I am headed for divorce if I make mention of buying another Pocket PC. Too many computer toys in this house, apparently.

          I have been using an iPAQ for many years now. Presently, I have a 4150. Small, fast, and light are BIG things for me. I use two peices of software for GTD. Ironically, I was just referred GTD by a friend and finished the book about a month ago. I call it the final frontier of the Franklin Covey system. I love GTD. It has brought me more peace than I can possibly express.

          Anyways, the two pieces of software I use are: Pocket Informant and List Pro.

          I have been using Pocket Informant for years...outstanding PIM product and syncs up perfectly with Outlook. I have all my "@lists" set up and everything works fluidly. It is VERY functional. I highly recommend this program.

          Secondly, a friend turned me onto ListPro a year ago. Outstanding list software. I higly recommend you get the desktop and Pocket PC versions as they sync up. I use this for for my projects as the list can be set up in a "tree" fashion.

          It's funny, one time, I tried a Palm, then after a month of more stress than I could imagine, I came to my senses and went back to a Pocket PC. Palm and Pocket PC users are like Windows and MAC users. You understand.

          I wish you the best and I hope this info was helpful.

          Take care,



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            Re An old Pocket PC user...


            Thanks for the tip on the software. Like Bruce's posting it is very helpful.

            All the best ... Kenmont


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              You can see how Nathan at Pocket PC thoughts on how to apply GTD to task list, and how fspeirs setup Pocket Informant 2005 for GTD. Hope it helps!


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                I've set up my own system that I'm still refining, but you can take a gander and see if it helps you:

                How I Use PI to implement GTD


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                  Pocket Informant - older version anyone?

                  Thanks all, and particularly Bob, for your info. Informant seems just what I'm looking for. However the neweset version won't work with the op sys on my hp jordana 720. Any sugestions where I can get an older version of PI that will work?


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                    CAll them...


                    No problem for the suggestions. I recommend you call Pocket Informant. Tell them your situation. They will probably have an old version you can either have or possibly buy really, really cheap.

                    Or, upgrade that old Jornada. The new PI is pretty awesome!

                    Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

                    Take care,



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                      Go to: , click on "downloads" then look on the right side - they have several older versions archived that you can download.

                      Hope that helps.



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                        Where are the projects?

                        For those people who Pocket Informant on the PPC for next actions and contexts (categories), Where is your list of projects? and how do you link actions and projects together???


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                          Pocket PC GTD tips

                          Thanks to everyone who has posted links and comments on this post. I've been using a PPC for a while as one of my key GTD tools, and found some great new advice in all the info linked here.

                          Thanks for sharing!


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                            Projects list


                            3 methods I have tried, starting with my current preferred method:

                            PROJECTS LIST - PIG POG METHOD
                            I keep my projects listed in brackets in the title field of each next action, using a version of the 'Pig Pog method' (search this forum for other posts mentioning this). I add notes, project planning and future action steps in the notes field of the task.

                            So, a Project might be: Finalise report

                            Next Action might be: Call Fred to follow up his input

                            And I would have one task in Pocket Informant, titled:

                            Call Fred to follow up his input <Finalise report>

                            PROJECTS LIST AS TASKS METHOD
                            In the past, I had a seperate list of tasks with a 'Project' category, but it was rather limiting not being able to easily see my projects list when editing a task (As far as I know, when you are editing an item in PI, you can't switch to other views without closing the task - others do correct me if I'm wrong on this.

                            PROJECTS LIST AS CONTACTS METHOD
                            So, I switched to having my projects listed as contacts, and then linked the tasks and projects (contacts). This does cloud things a bit when you are looking for someone's phone number, but on the whole it worked well.

                            However, I found it a huge task in the weekly review to match up my projects list and next action lists, making sure each project has a next action. It was then that I came across the Pig Pog method, which requires very little extra work in the weekly review, allowing me to focus on reviewing other areas of my system.

                            Of course, the important thing is to use a project list format that works best for you. You need to have your list in a place and format that lets you review your projects easily and as often as you need to. Try a few methods and see what works!


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                              You can try MyLifeOrganized. It has solid PC and PocketPC parts:

                              see in this thread
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