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Synching Palm device to Outlook?

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  • Synching Palm device to Outlook?

    I use the Samsung i500 phone, which is a palm device, and have always relied on the stock palm desktop software for calendar, to-dos, etc.

    However, in a transition to GTD, I've opted to go with Outlook instead - and have purchased the GTD add-in. Which leads to my question:

    HOw does one best handle transferring data from the palm to Outlook?

    Many thanks,

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    Wayne hi,
    If you go back to your setup discs that came with the samsung and run them, there should be an option to change the synchronisation from palm desktop to outlook. The CD's usually have all the appropriate conduits and there should be (if you look hard enough - sometimes it's not in an obvious place) the option to do this. This will add outlook conduits and your outlook data will go over. What I've had more success with though for some years is Keysuite by Chapura
    I like the interface of this software, it gives longer 'category' descriptions and you are not limited to 15 plus you can put items into multiple categories which can be pretty useful. I bought keycontacts years ago and when keysuite came out they gave a free 'upgrade' to those who had purchased keycontacts of the remaining items in the suite - keytasks, keydates and keynotes. If you do a search on the forum I am sure you will find other people who rate this software highly. I'm currently using it with a palm treo650.
    Good luck.