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Need something to keep file folders upright!

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  • Need something to keep file folders upright!

    Hi all,

    As suggested, I would like to get rid of my hanging file folders. I have two file drawers in my desk. Both were already constructed for hanging folders (they have the little plastic covers over the sides of the drawers that act as 'rails'). I want to only have alphabetical manila folders, but they just fall over into a pile and drive me crazy when I put them in there.

    I've been to two office supply stores looking for something to keep the folders upright. I thought there was a metal gadget of some sort that went in the back of the drawer and rested up against the back of the folders. No one at the office supply stores has any idea what I'm talking about.


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    I think some file cabinets have the metal thing you describe, but I've not seem them for sale as aftermarket items.

    I've used a book, a throw pillow, and an empty cardboard box to hold up my files. If you wanted something more professional-looking, a large, nonskid bookend also worked well for me.


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      One Solution

      I have the same situation with the desk at my work. I picked up Box Bottom Hanging Folders. They are like the standard hanging folders with one difference - they have a cardboard insert that is about 2 inches wide you place in the bottom to give it a flat "box bottom". You can place 20 - 30 manila folders in each one and add additional box bottom folders as your A-Z system expands. I currently have 7 of these in my main desk drawer and it is working very well.



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        Perfect solution here ... well I think it's perfect!

        I am sure you'll have these wherever you are in the world.

        I found some plastic coated dividers that sit in the bottom of the drawer - think "toast rack for filing cabinet". Can be cut to fit any size drawer.

        I just use one section till its full then move to the one behind it. (I tried a quick search of the web but no luck so far).



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          I struggled with this too until I saw this suggestion and had a "duh" moment: Use a simple bookend. I use the metal "L" shaped ones and the work great.


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            Thanks for the great suggestions!
            You've saved my sanity.


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              A quick update, in case anyone else is struggling with this:

              I got the box-bottom folders.
              They work great!
              Each of my desk drawers holds about seven of these folders, and everything is finally upright.


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                The metal thing that keeps manila folders upright...

                is called a "follower block".


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                  Thanks for naming it, splat.