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New GTD software for Mac users

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  • New GTD software for Mac users

    Hello all. Thought I'd pass along news that someone's modified the third-party application OmniOutliner specifically for GTD. It's still a work in progress, but it's sharp and getting a lot of traction in a remarkably short time.

    Here's an overview of the freeware mods:

    And here's a link to a very Mac-centric GTD-oriented site that hails the KGTD modifications:

    Finally, here's a link to the non-modified OmniOutliner software:

    I should note that I'm not affiliated with any of these operations; just a Mac-using GTD fan who's always on the lookout for clean, attractive tools.


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    Looks Nice

    Thanks, Tim. Looks like a nice package. People started recommending it to me after I wrote this article:

    The other product that was mentioned a lot for the Mac is DayLite:

    which looks like more Sales/CRM features than a straightup GTD system requires, but still seems to have a very loyal following.


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      I hadn't read that article in the Coach's Corner because I don't have (or use) a Mac. I did read it today, though, and found your thoughts about managing lists quite useful, no matter what technology or lack thereof one uses.

      Thanks for the link.



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        i downloaded a trial version of Omni Outliner and registered for a short full activation to try out the Kinkless GTD system. Although there's a couple kinks being worked out, i can say it single-handedly got my GTD processes for several projects unstuck in the last 24 hours. i'm now outlining college course study guides, my GTD system, project brainstorming....

        i *highly* recommend trying out Omni Outliner and The Kinkless GTD system.