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Gear Q:Trying to convert to no hangning

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  • Gear Q:Trying to convert to no hangning

    This is a reach, but I've got to try! I've just moved from one house to another and used the opportunity to both purge and move every file from hanging to manilla. All great until I realized that my nice black 4 drawer file cabinet doesn't have backings to hold the files in place. The hardware has a stamp on it for the brand "Office Image", but I cannot find this brand anywhere. I also tried some HON backers, but they don't fit.

    All that to say, I'm looking for a good "lifehack" to hold files up in a "standard" metal vertical file cabinet.



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    I had a similar problem. Solved it by taking a pair of metal book ends. They're generally available at any off supply store. I then got a stack of those "business card" magnets from Office Max. They have an adhesive on one side. I affixed the magnets to the bottom of each bookend. Set a pair side-by-side in each file drawer.

    Has worked great. The magnets hold the files in place and still allows me the flexibility of moving them whenever the number of files grows.

    Hope that helps