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Converting lateral files

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  • Converting lateral files

    I've been booted out of the office I specially ordered and designed as my GtD cockpit last year. I've avoided the move because the new office is un-functional. The furniture is "mahogany" executive style, with heavy wooden recessed drawers (no handles, just edges to grab). The kind I hate because the drawers are heavy and don't slide as easily as metal drawers do.

    One entire wall is occupied by a built-in unit of shelving above, and 10 large lateral drawers below. File folders hang on slim bars that have warped and the drawer tracks shift down from the weight of hanging folders (they're still full from my predecessor). If they weren't attached to the wall, I'd worry they would tip over. Because they hog the one long wall, the windows and heating element cover the opposite wall, the desk & credenza occupy the short wall, and the door and conference table cover the other, I don't have room to bring in my old filing cabinet.

    What the heck do I do with so many lateral drawers? Has anyone been happy converting them to front facing? How did you do it?

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    contact the manufacturer of the drawers and find out if they have specific inserts that go into the drawers that allow you to convert them to front facing. If they only supply rails, you may have to use hanging folders, you want to try to get FRONT FACING DIVIDERS.

    I did a google search for "convert laterial file front facing" and came up with this:

    There may be more options out there...