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Productivity blogs/websites?

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  • Productivity blogs/websites?

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if someone has a good list of the various productiviy blogs and websites out there (assuming of course that the term "productivity blog" isn't an oxymoron ).

    I look at,, and What else is out there?


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    Try the GTD Zone at

    We've aggregated a number of productivity and GTD related blogs, articles and tools in the GTD Zone at the site.


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        Blogs or Web sites on GTD or Productivity

        Here are a few of the sites I have bookmarked:

        Have to start with David Allen at

        and Jason Womack at

        and Kelly Forrister at

        Others of interest: - "Working Smart" (already linked from Office Zealot, but I had to mention it because it's one of my favorites) - "D*I*Y Planner" - "Open Loops" - "Eric Mack Online" - "What's the next action - A Weblog about Getting Things Done" - "Matt's Idea Blog" - "LAW FOR PDA.ORG - Getting Things Done"



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          It seems appropriate to mention on this thread that the site

          is starting to lose value for me, and I may drop it entirely. It started off as an aggregator for a handful of GTD Blogs, but the site has added too many people, with too much material too far from GTD. I still enjoy David Allen's blog, Michael Hyatt's, and some others, but for some of these guys, it's a waste of time to even look at the header.


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            GTD at the Enterprise level, Organizational level

            On DA's GTD book, wow, and thanks. All of the persons at my workforce of Interneer Inc. participated listening to the book through our newly created audiobook club. We found value in the doing. We're mastering the art of managing the doing of getting things done.

            My coworkers and I are folks who Get Things Done, and we are in the business of empowering others to get things done; and when Getting Things Done is a matter for Organizational or Enterprise success, well, you better hope that matters are in good, caring, capable hands. Don't you think?

            If you or another are looking to find Project Management Software solutions geared towards larger or smaller businesses, that are installed or hosted, generic or for a certain industry, may you have great success; it can be overwhelming.

            Best of success. See you around,
            Matt Bowen,
            Interneer Inc.