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PPC Outlook Link Sync

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  • PPC Outlook Link Sync

    I've looked high and low. Does anyone know of a program that will sync the links between my Pocket PC (PPC) and my laptop in Outlook.

    Keysuite has one for Palm, but I find nothing for PPC.

    I smell a Microsoft glitch...

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    Nothing as of yet syncs the links.



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      Should have kept my palm....


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        Initially, I wondered what you were talking about - favourites in Outlook!? ( I use Mozilla-Firefox not IE)

        The favourites do synchronise. In the favourites list in Outlook / Internet Explorer, I have a section called "Mobile Favourites". I didn't create this myself, it happened automatically when I first got the PDA.

        The favourites under this section get synchronised to the PDA Explorerer.



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          Not Favorites

          When you are in a contact in outlook, you can attach a task to it. Then, any time you open the activities tab under than contact you'll see a list of tasks, appointments - whatever - attached. Its nice to see it all in one place.

          You can do this with Pocket Informant as well. However, the two wont sync. I would think this would not be all that hard to program.


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            I use PI also , the issue isn't whether or not it's hard to program [as you know, if you tried PI the author is very talented ]
            The issue is what M$ allows in the pocket outlook objects , and unfortunately this is one of the things they don't make provision for .

            To get around this , the programmer would have to use their own databases [ala Keysuite ] instead of the pocket outlook databases .

            Most people want their ppc data to sync with the outlook data so , PI and AF etc are limited to what M$ will allow .