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Print Small Mac Address Booklet (Panther)

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  • Print Small Mac Address Booklet (Panther)

    I may be the only person on the planet still using Panther so I don't know if this is useful to others (Tiger's Address Book has the capability of printing pocket-size). I keep my addresses in the Mac Address Book because I like the interface better than the Desktop Palm Address Book. But Desktop Palm has a nice feature of printing the addresses as a booklet that can be folded and saddle-stitched. this is what I did:

    AddressBook Exporter 1.0 (freeware at: will export your Mac Address Book into a format that can then be imported into Palm Desktop.

    Then print your address book from Palm Desktop by selecting "Print" then selecting Print As: "Mini-Address Book" and Layout: "Mini-Book" from the print dialog.

    It will print the front pages then prompt you to reinsert these for printing on the back. (On my printer, a Canon IP3000, I have to turn the pages over and around so the back pages are oriented properly). Then cut on the dotted lines and fold on the solid lines. Open and staple in the middle along the fold to make a booklet. Finished product is 2.75" x 3.75" (7cm x 9.5cm) when closed.

    See the Palm Desktop Help for more info (? on the print dialog).

    Great for sticking in the back pocket of a Moleskine.