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    I want outlook to stop automatically receiving email - i want to either do it manually or at longer intervals e.g. 2 hours

    Anyone know how - I need to stop looking at email all days and focus on NA's!

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    Outlook - send & recieve

    In Outlook 2003
    Press Ctrl+Alt+S
    The Send/Revieve Groups window pops up
    In that window there is a place where you can set the time interval for Outlook to automatically send and recieve emails.
    You can also turn this feature off so that you have to do it manually.


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      You can also always press "F1" for the help documentation... the search function is pretty good.


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        Why not simply turn off the notification?

        As soon as I read GTD and was setting up my office The first thing I did was turn off the email notification "beep" or "blip". It's made all the difference.

        I have now gotten myself into the habit of never leaving my inbox on my screen. If I'm not working on another program I either have my calendar, my CRM homepage or nothing at all on my screen.

        It doesn't matter how often the email is sent or recieved it's still up to me to determine when I want to process it.