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    I manage a call center and have just discovered some of my staff are 2 fingered typists - quelle horreur. In the audio of Getting Things Done Fast, David mentions an online software program that teaches typing. Does anyone know what it is - saves me listening to all the cd's to try to find the spot where he talks about it. Thanks in advance.

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    Here's one online typing game

    I don't know which one DA was talking about, but this is cute and fun, and can be done in random bits of time. I try it every once in a while just as a game. It gets your speed up, but doesn't do the drill and instruction like Mavis Beacon does.


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      Mavis Beacon is the name David mentions. I'll check it out on the web. Thanks!


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        If you are from Poland...

        If you are from Poland (Krystyna is a Polish equivalent of English first name Christina) there are some Polish programs for teaching typing. They support Polish characters. One of the programs uses texts written by the famous Polish poet Stanislaw Baranczak (


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          When I did the GTD seminar, David mentioned TypingMaster. I recommend it, from the point of view of somebody who was a reasonably fast, but untrained typist. I am now slightly quicker (and still improving), but I can also type without looking at the keyboard, which is great when reviewing a printed document and typing up comments.


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            Drills for hard keys

            There's a Web site I've been using to practice keys that I am having trouble with. It's not a very pretty site, but it really gets the job done, because I can list exactly the keys I want to practice, and I can make some keys be used more often than others. So I like to make a practice pattern that drills me a lot on punctuation and numbers and throws in some letters. The site is:



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              I was just searching myself for typing software yesterday. I saw from amazon reviews that the latest mavis beacon software has serious boot up problems in windows XP. In the end I ended up settling on though I have not tried it yet so I can't say for sure its the best. From what I read I would guess this one and Mavis (except for its boot up problems) are the best ones.

              If I find the type master is not good I'll post on this thread