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Outlook Add-in- Problem with projects tab

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  • Outlook Add-in- Problem with projects tab

    I've got a problem that maybe someone can help me solve. For some reason when I enter a task into Outlook (with the GTD add-in) and then go to assign it to a project via the drop down list, I am not seeing the whole list of projects I've already defined. Instead I just get the "add new project" dialogue. This is a sudden developement - for a couple fo days it worked fine and I saw my list of projects growing in the drop down as I added them. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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    Projects list

    I expect that you've worked this out by now, but if not, here's what works for me. From any main screen in Outlook, go to Tools/Options/GTD (tab)/Manage Projects (button). Check the resulting screen to see if your projects might have been checked for "hide". I use this screen to see that closed projects don't clutter up the drop-down list in the new task box.