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UK stationery argh!

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  • UK stationery argh!

    Hi there

    Am in the process of sorting out my new GTD filing system..desperately needed to slim down my huuge collection of box files

    I have a lovely two drawer filing cabinet arriving..without a hanging system and with a compression plate..this caused some raised eyebrows but I got what I wanted

    BUT...I cannot find anyone in the UK who can supply a plain manila folder file with the tabs all on the left (they sell them in stepped tabs so the tabs would end up all over)

    I am assuming that is what's recommended for general filing - the only illustration in the GTD book is the one for the day to day reminder files

    Where can I buy these online?? I have tried VIKING, EUROOFICE , ukoffice direct....and a few shops

    many thanks!

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    and Rymans don't have them either I looking for the right things here?


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      Here's an option

      Why don't you just "unsort" the tabs. Then go from left to right by letter. Eg. all A's are left, all B's are center, all C's are right, etc. I do this but with 1/2 tabbed folders (A's left, B's right...). I hate the "scattered" look myself.

      Good Luck,


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        thanks..yup am considering that option but would ideally like just one stack of folders and one line of tabs in the drawer

        but am also considering no tabs at all..maybe these would get less scruffy in the long run


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          I highly recommend folders with no tabs at all. In the US they are called "straight cut" and have an extension at the back, the same height as a tab and running the full width (length?) of the folder, which gives you space to write or attach a label. They look very pretty in the drawer; none of that haphazard messy appearance.


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            thanks..that sounds good, and pretty sure they are easily available over here



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              I agree about the scattered look. The idea to have all A's on the left tab, B's on center tab, etc, sounds great, because it's neat and you don't have to worry about finding a box of left tabbed folders.

              And about the filing cabinet, I've come to the conclusion that if it isn't easy, it's counter-productive, working against GTD, and it's an obstacle. So if standard filing cabinets aren't easily available, just go with what you have. Whatever the tool is, some people will like one and some will like another solution. They're just the tools, and we need to try to adapt the simplest and easiest tools we can find to the process. It's the GTD process that makes the difference. It might help some of us (like me!) get further on with the process if we could just skip the parts about the filing cabinets and labelers.


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                agreed - lets make it as easy as poss

                and sharing knowledge makes it even easier

                re filing cabinets..just ask for "no suspension cage for hanging files thanks and please include the backing plate/compression plate" and you are good to go!


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                  and for anyone else reading this thread you can get wide entry/side entry in trays from Viking and Muji here in the UK


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                    I searched high and low for tabbed files in the UK and no luck. I just use the straight-cut files with labels ranged to the right-hand side.

                    I have not been able to find anywhere with compression plate cabinets from the likes of Viking, Staples etc. It is very annoying as it means using a mish-mash of cardboard boxes and other 'spacers' to stop things falling over.

                    I am looking for a new 2-drawer cabinet for home use so if anyone knows where to get one that is not designed for suspension files please please please post!




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                      This thread on the 43Folders board has some relevant ideas:



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                        Thanks, ggrozier. Useful tips. I would really like to avoid hanging files so I guess I will have to continue with the mess of bent cardboard boxes etc. I can't find any filing cabinets with a follower blocks from any of the main UK vendors.


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                          Where did you get your filing cabinet from?

                          Originally posted by MrPG
                          I have a lovely two drawer filing cabinet arriving..without a hanging system and with a compression plate..this caused some raised eyebrows but I got what I wanted
                          Please please please tell us where you bought it from? I've been looking all over the UK for a 4 drawer cabinet with a compression plate with no success. Thanks


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                            gtd stationery is a bit of a saga in the UK

                            I ended up getting my filing cabinet second hand - they seem to be the only ones with compression plates in the UK..which is maddening

                            if anyone knows any different please let us know!

                            Staples have the right kind of folders for me (ie with a long tabby thing that goes across the whole width of the file) ask for product number s012476026908...they call it square cut but in the US i think this type is called straight cut

                            again, they said this type is rare and going out of fashion rapidly!


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                              Try this thread

                              This is a thread started by someone in the UK with the same question. You might contact him, I think he got it worked out:


                              These threads are really interesting. When I lived overseas I used to spend a lot of time driving around trying to find the things I was used to working with. It was annoying but at the same time it was interesting to see the different kinds of notebooks, pencils, file folders, etc.