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Consolidating Reference Systems?

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  • Consolidating Reference Systems?

    I've found myself with several reference systems, which I use in the following priority order:
    1. paper folders
    2. PC's "My Documents" with alphabetical, fairly flat hierarchy
    3. MS Outlook reference on two computers
    4. browser's "Favorites" list

    Has anyone done away with browser favorites & reference folders in your favorite email program e.g. in favor of one place (copying each item as a file to folders living under e.g. My Documents)?

    Is it worth trying to consolidate this?

    Any other ideas where to begin?


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    Search is the answer

    You don't have to actually consolidate your reference systems, you only have to change your interface for accessing them! Current desktop search tools come in very handy for this. They index your files, your e-mail, your to-do list, your favorites,...

    I use LookOut for this, which now has been integrated into the MSN toolbar (I still prefer the old stand-alone version). It even indexes shared network drives so I also have access to the contents of documents on our company server.


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      Consolidating reference systems

      I use Goldmine as a networked contact management system, Outlook for email, a program called ManagePro for Goals and Objectives and paper. I am trying out the copernic indexing system and the SNARF program to help manage emails. Do i ever do any work except keep up with all of these computer programs?