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Gear Q: Rolling File Cabinet?

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  • Gear Q: Rolling File Cabinet?

    Can anyone recommend a well-built, rolling 1 or 2 drawer file cabinet that does NOT use hanging folders?

    Rolling is the key here, as my home environment doesn't lend itself well to permanently placed file cabinet (i.e., SWMBO wants it in the closet when guests come over). Wood, metal, pink, blue, lavender doesn't matter - as long as it's on wheels.

    It's time to switch to a file drawer and get rid of these da#$ hanging files.

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    a suggestion

    If you can't find one that takes regular standing folders, you can use the wide bottom hanging folders (they can be as large as 4") to just hold up your regular folders.


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      Another option is a wheeled tray to put under a regular file cabinet. Staples [in Canada, but most other stationery stores would probably have them] has a 'caddy' - see .