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    I currently have the new BB 8700. Is there anyone using a BB along with GTD?
    Although I do have outlook on my laptop, I just want to use the BB with a few lists. Any ideas???

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    I have a BB7250. And, because BB finally got smart and added categories to the task and memo items, you can pretty much use it exactly like you would a palm.

    I can't say that I've exactly perfected the system, but I'm pretty happy with it, and right now it gets the job done.

    Outline task items just get the category of the context, e.g., @Office.

    This can largely be automated with the GTD plugin.

    Other lists I keep are some I'm sure many people do as well (DA recommends them in GTDF)- CDs to buy, etc.

    Those "someday/maybe" lists get the someday/maybe category.

    I also have a reference category that I put the random stuff I might want to remember- the size of my furnace filter is the example that I used today.

    I used to keep some other information in the BB memo program, but I've opted to keep it in a encrypted database- insurance info, etc.


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      Blackberry with GTD

      This is a great series to check out for using your BB with GTD.