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Looking for pointers on teaching GTD to others

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  • Looking for pointers on teaching GTD to others

    I have been using the GTD system for about 5 months now and I am realizing that this approach would really benefit my company as a whole. If more people adopted GTD in my organization, I am sure that we would have a positive change in our overall corporate culture. So, to that end, I've committed myself to making a 1 hour "brown bag" presentation on GTD to my fellow office mates. Any pointers on boiling down the material into a 45 minute presentation with time left for Q&A would greatly be appreciated. My dream would be that enough people get excited about this in my company that we ultimately get someone from David Allen's company to make a formal presentation to the "leadership group".

    P.S. Just realized that this is in the gear section!!! If someone could move this to the other forum, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    check the other forum

    I just posted something in the other forum that talks about a 1/2 presentation I did, which you may find helpfu.