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Customizing Outlook Web Access?

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  • Customizing Outlook Web Access?


    I've been using the GTD plugin off and on for the last 6 months or so - currently I'm using it again, after I discovered by accident that the 2.1 version of the addin allows Word as editor for emails.

    However, I also use Outlook Web Access (2003), at least as often as Outlook. Since the GTD plugin works only with Outlook, I can't enjoy the "open related email" functions with Tasks.

    Does anybody know if it is at all possible to customize the fields that appear on forms in OWA? I know it is possible in Outlook, but what's the deal in OWA?


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    Customizing Outlook Web Access

    OWA is a server-side product. All the forms and commands are processed on the web server that you log into. In older versions of OWA, like with Exchange 5.5, I had some luck making custom pages. I've been using OWA with Exchange 2003 for a year and haven't been able to do it. The design of the pages and information they require is a lot more advanced at this point. I would imagine someone out there has the experience and the knowledge to customize the pages, but it's not designed to be done by the average end user.