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Another Web-based GTD Program I Found

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  • Another Web-based GTD Program I Found

    In my neverending quest for a perfect way to organize my lists, I came across this fairly new offering:

    If nothing else and even if I can't maintain it, I love the Weekly Review steps that are included with this software--I plan to print this each week whether I continue using the program or not. They are excellent! If you do anything else that's not listed, I'd love to hear about it.

    Check out the Summary page, too. It tracks completed projects, so that's a plus. The one thing it's missing is a calendar feature, but I suppose I can use Outlook for that.

    You will need Web hosting, a database, FTP and MySQL and you'll need Internet access to use it, so it won't be for everyone, but it's certainly worth a looksee, if only for holes in your current system.

    If you take a look and have anything you'd add, feel free to share.

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    Looks a good app!

    I like this - the report modules look particularly useful. To be able to generate such a detailed set of data that can be interrogated GTD style is excellent. Unfortunately setting up a hosted database is not for me - I don't really have the technical skills! However, it would be great if I could install it to my own desktop.

    One thing I found fascinating about the sandbox created at the link above was that there was a long list of projects (about 75 when I looked) compared to a very short list of specific next actions (just 5!). I realise that these were just test entries and largely nonsense, but it is still remarkable how easy it is to generate even fictional projects and yet not be able to get hold of the immediate next actions with quite the same ease. How true to life!