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Decreased quality of 1/3 cut manila folders

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  • Decreased quality of 1/3 cut manila folders

    Stopped by OfficeMax and Staples to pickup a new supply of manila folders (1/3 tabs). I noticed that both store brands (and a name brand, Pendaflex?) were significantly less rigid than the OfficeMax branded folders I had bought a year or so ago. I even checked the 10% recycled versus 100% recycled. Same flimsy folders. If you hold them up to the light, the new ones are more "see through" than the old ones.

    Am I the only one that has noticed this? (I'm not that picky, really)

    I carry my current GTD folders in my briefcase and car so I value the higher quality folders. Any ideas on finding better quality manila folders?

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    I get the ones with reinforced tabs.

    I have also noticed this with Roledex cards. The manufacturer would not give me answer as ro whether I needed to order a different item to get the frimer cards. The people working in the store has no idea.


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      I've noticed the decreased quality in regular manila folders, but not in colored folders. They still seem to have the same thickness.

      You could also go with plastic folders, I guess -- I've seen those at the Container Store but they're pretty pricey.