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Where to keep all the gadgets?

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  • Where to keep all the gadgets?

    (Might not be totally on-topic. My apologies)

    Wher do you keep all your electronic gadgets - and their chargers?

    Phone with charger, camera, GPS, battery charger, electric razor with charger, PDA etc.

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    Gadgets and Chargers

    I currently have 2 shelves that have 3 powerstrips and have 2 phone chargers, PDA charger, 1 high speed AA/AAA charger, 1 large battery charger for AAA-D batteries, camcorder battery charger, 2 car air pump/battery charger adapters, 2 Black & Decker (B&D) power tool 14.4v battery chargers, 1 B&D 3.6v VersaPack battery charger, 1 B&D screwdriver charger, and some other misc. chargers.

    Most of our chargers are all in one place. But it's definitely a mess and I can at least hide it by closing the door. Some other chargers are placed within context. My electric razor and sonic toothbrush are plugged in the bathroom. One cordless phone base in the kitchen and the other in the living room. We also have a charging iPod dock connected to our home theater, another connected to our bedroom stereo and of course there's one attached to our Mac.

    If I win the lottery, I might pick up a couple of eNooks to go with a bigger house for all my gadgets.


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      I'm in the process of re-outfitting my home office ... so currently the charges are plugged into power strips and are cluttering the floor. Not the best solution but thankfully the said strips are out of the traffic areas!

      Longer term, I'm looking at a "equipment closet" that sits on top of a lateral file unit. This unit will hold printers, scanner and the chargers. Once closed they will disappear. Additionally I will add power strips around the desk (similar to the kitchen island that Alton Brown (TV cook) has ... seen in a recent GE adv.).


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        a little "life hack"

        Label your chargers and power cords with the item, date put into service, and who it belongs to in the family, also indicate if it is a duplicate.

        Keeping track of this stuff really shows the conflict between store at point of use versus store like with like. Or, store where no one else in the family will think to look, so they can't take it and then misplace it!


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          Originally posted by morias
          If I win the lottery, I might pick up a couple of eNooks to go with a bigger house for all my gadgets.
          Pardon me, but I don't think it is a very attractive piece of furniture.
          I just hide chargers and such in plain sight at the point of use, where they quickly disappear.