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Synching 2 calendar's to one Blackberry

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  • Synching 2 calendar's to one Blackberry

    Is there a program, free ware or for purchase, that will allow one person to view 2 differnet calendar's. We have 2 users, one manager and one secertary, that need to havethe secertary to view the manager's calendar. They do that now in Outlook 2003 and ono Plam device's that one of them has now. They both had a unit but the manger got a Black Berry. Now the manger wants the secertary to have a BlackBerry but only if possible to synch her calendar with the secertaries Black Berry.

    I have done a Google search, that is how I got here, but have nto really found anything that covers what they want.

    thanks for any help

    Jack Smrekar

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    Do not use the Blackberry device. However, the following link may meet your requirements:

    Additionally have you posted directly to the blackberry support site? They should be able to provide greater help.