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How many devices do you carry?

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  • How many devices do you carry?

    I've always carried a Palm (Tungstun E2, now) and a cheapie cell phone. Got a new Treo 700w but there are some things that I like my Palm (with some 3rd party software that I've purchased) for better. It also has a larger screen.

    So would I be the only one that carried a smartphone for the contacts and email and a Palm for lists and other stuff?

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    Originally posted by whitesco
    So would I be the only one that carried a smartphone for the contacts and email and a Palm for lists and other stuff?
    I don't know, but I guess I'm wondering why you didn't get a Treo 700p instead of the 700w.

    -- Tammy


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      Company issue -- gift horse, ya know.


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        Separate Phone and PDA

        I have a Nokia dumb phone and a brand-new iPAQ 2790. When I was researching the PDA purchase, I considered a phone/pda combo but decided against them for two reasons: a) screen size and b) processing capability

        So my system consists of
        - laptop with Outlook for e-mail, contacts, tasks, projects-as-contacts, digital reference filing system
        - iPAQ as backup and mobile system with contacts, tasks, e-mail, selected digital files
        - Handyshopper (free! PPC app) for checklists and other useful information
        - paper filing system at home



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          Just the BlackBerry for me, unless you count the Levenger Circa as well!


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            Cheap phone and a PDA

            I have a three year old Nokia mobile phone and an old Toshiba e-830 pda. I am a bit out of the crowd--most of my associates are totally into Blackberries and the newer MS based smartphones. I prefer to keep them separate given my propensity for using these things as tools as opposed to cherished beacons of my technology savvy. BTW: I have also been known to throw a filofax in there as well when I suffer PDA frustration.


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              Software for Windows CE

              I carry a cell and a pocket pc with access to my work email. I could use a windows ce client that sync's with my outlook GTD software.



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                Tablet PC and Treo 650

                My Treo is with me at all times so that I have access to my contacts, email, task lists, calendar, projects, and a place to jot down thoughts and ideas when they strike me. I take my Tablet PC with me most places, and it provides great flexibility for me to do just about anything I need to do with it. I especially enjoy using MindManager on it.


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                  I cary an iPAQ 2795 with me everywhere I go, and also a cheap Audiovox cell. Of course, my Notetaker wallet is all I carry for a wallet now, so that's never too far away either.

                  I hope to move to a Treo soon to consolidate my gear.


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                    I carry both a Treo 700P and a palm T/X. Always have carried two, either the T/X or a LD with my Treo. Guess I just like the larger screen for doing things on.


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                      I carry my Tablet PC with AirCard and a regular Razr phone.


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                        I carry a Motorola v710 cell phone, and a Tungsten E.

                        I am looking to upgrade to a 700p when they are finally released in Canada - they'll be here in time for Christmas, I'm sure, but I probably won't upgrade until January/February.


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                          I carry a Blackberry 7130 and a MacBook Pro. The new Pocketmac 4.0 is a great way to fulling sync your Mac and Balckberry. Much better than the previous version.