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Entourage and paper

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  • Entourage and paper

    Entourage and paper

    I like Entourage because the linking feature cuts down on typing and it’s powerful for non-geeks.

    The problem is I think my original idea of just using paper when I don’t want to lug my laptop around is going to be clumsy and mess up the “trusted” aspect of GTD. It seems like you have to use a Palm device.

    I’ mean if you go beyond printing out @errands and @anywhere it just gets unwieldy.

    If someone had comments, I’d appreciate it. Are you happy with a cheap Palm device in this situation?

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    Entourage and Pater

    It does get pretty big when printed. I filtered all tasks and printed one at a time; then did the projects, and finally the calendar.

    I do not have a double-sided feature on my printer so ended up with about 110 pages in a three ring note book.

    I actually prefer paper over the Palm but cannot figure how to make GTD work with paper. The Palm is slick. You can change the action so easily, like a certain action now becoming a "waiting for."

    With a notebook you have to write it all over or have no more than one item per page and move the pages around.


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      Originally posted by loocartlu
      Are you happy with a cheap Palm device in this situation?
      Well, I have been satisfied with a cheap Palm for years. All by itself, it contains all the GTD information I need.

      However, syncing all the data to desktop/laptop version of the same software is great for richer, larger views of the data (especially since my cheap Palm displays only grayscale).

      I do find it useful for planning purposes to supplement the Palm with various paper calendars, like a large 3-month wall calendar to help keep my eye on longer-term project deadlines.

      And of course I might be happier with a more expensive Palm device.