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  • accessing an Outlook task list from the command line

    I've written some simple Windows command-line tools to let me work with my Microsoft Outlook todo items a little quicker.

    They've been really useful to me, so if anyone else thinks they might be their sort of thing, you're welcome to have a copy - download from here

    The idea was nicked from the Todo.txt articles at - articles describing how a todo list could be stored as a plain text file, using a series of scripts to manage it.

    I liked the idea of being able to throw stuff at my task list quickly. I spend a lot of time at the command prompt, and this means I can add an entry to my task list when I think of it - without interrupting what I am doing. It means not needing to Alt-Tab to Microsoft Outlook, waiting for it to wake up, opening a new Form... all of which takes me away from what I was doing when I thought of whatever task needed capturing on my list.

    It means that tasks that I might have otherwise not bothered capturing - when in the middle of work that I didn't want to be distracted from - are now more likely to be thrown at my action list. And that has made a massive difference to how effective my personal GTD-implementation is.

    The tools let me add a new task, view current tasks, and mark a task as complete.

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    I agree that rapid capture is crucial

    Hi dalelane. Neat stuff. I think keystrokes like this are crucial for getting fast at processing/capture. I use a text file with some macros to time-stamp, etc. This way I can very quickly capture non-actionable information (URL, person's name, etc). I wrote a bit about it in Pickle jars, text files, and creative idea capture and My Big-Arse Text File - a Poor Man's Wiki+Blog+PIM , FYI.


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      GyroQ for Outlook?

      I would be very keen on seeing a small Windows app not unlike the new GyroQ application for MindManager ( that would allow rapid input to the Outlook task list (or Next Action list, of course) for rapid capture/input. The problem with GyroQ is that it dumps the tasks to MindManager, which you need to open and then potentially export to Outlook - a bit too cumbersome / too much "system overhead" for me...

      Has anyone seen such a beast?

      Another cool app would be a way of designating an email address in outlook that you could email yourself tasks with from the email subject line while you're on the road - something like "@Calls - DPD Auto xxx-xxx-xxxx re. book oil change appointment"...



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        Originally posted by Peter Gallant
        Has anyone seen such a beast?
        Hi Peter,

        A friend of mine wrote a program that maybe does the trick for you. It is called:Fingertips.

        I myself are on a Mac. I use Quicksilver in combination with an Applescript to quickly add todo items.