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Bollinger Add-In Form

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  • Bollinger Add-In Form

    I recently became aware of the form created by Bollinger (Mattias Sahlin). I tried it and I find it to be useful. I then found his announcement about the new form his is working on, which looks great, but that's been over a year ago. Does anyone have any information on the status of the new form? Do we assume it's a dead project?



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    I haven't heard of this, and could find no links. Could you please describe it?


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      cornell & mikein sc

      Bollinger add in form got a lot of write up in 2005 through mid 2006 some 13 pages at last count! As to the newest form the post indicates the 2005 version is the latest though a version 2 is on the way. To quote Bollinger:

      "[He's] not dead, yet...

      Hi all!

      Sorry for keeping everyone of you waiting for version 2 of the custom project form. I never thought this form would cause so much attention.

      The new form will be availible, but I can't tell when it's ready.
      Again, I'm working full time with other things so development on the form is restricted to spare time.

      The link to the form and other details is:

      As to timing send Bollinger a email and see what his answer is.


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        I too was anxiously waiting for the next version of Mattais' project form. I was encouraged by the upcoming version of the Outlook Add-In from Netcentrics. Their website overviews their Project form, which is set to be released in early 2007. It looks very similiar to the one created by Mattais.


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          Bollinger Add-In Form

          BTW - I have sent an Email to Mattias for an update and will post his reply here when received.



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            Bollinger's Custom Project Form...

            This is the custom project form that I mentioned during my GTD|Connect in Conversation interview with David.

            I have the beta version of this form and it's still working well for me. I think that Mattias has been working on an extensive re-write of the form using the .NET framework.

            I've discussed the idea of pulling together a group to define requirements for a complete project and Next Action management framework in the thread that discusses feedback and questions on my Connect interview.

            Peter Gallant