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A tutorial on Next Action! for the Blackberry

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  • A tutorial on Next Action! for the Blackberry

    Hi guys, since Next Action! does not have a trial version and I purchased the application I decided to post a quick and simple tutorial with images on how the menus work and how to update a next action. I believe this application does what it does perfect and adds a huge advantage to Blackberry users and those of you who are considering the blackberry for Gtd should definitely consider BB, here is the link Any questions let me know

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    It's a shame that there is no trial version, $49.95 is a steep price to pay for mobile software site unseen, so thanks for posting your tutorial. Out of curiosity, does Next Action! sync wirelessly with the Outlook tasks like the Blackberry Tasks do?


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      yes, because Next Action uses the same database as the Blackberry Tasks