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eBook Reader Recommendations for Treo650

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  • eBook Reader Recommendations for Treo650

    I'm looking for an ebook reader from my Treo 650 and I've come across these:

    HandStory Basic
    Read Them All
    Adobe Reader

    Any recommendations?

    I'm mainly looking for something to read my pdf ebooks on. Something light and simple. Though if there is one where I can highlight and it can create a list of text that I highlighted that would be great.

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    I've got eReader on my T/X, and it works well. You can highlight text.

    I don't know if you can make a separate list of highlighted text or not, but you can make a list of highlighted text in a single note within the document, with your own explanatory notes added if you wish, and each highlight will link back to the page of text.

    I haven't fully explored the possibilites, mainly because it is quite simple to use and I just read. I use bookmarks to mark my place, and only tried the notes section to be able to answer your question more carefully.

    My T/X came with eReader installed - perhaps Palm can offer you a trial version if you ask?



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      Thanks for the tips emkay!

      I think eReader provides both a free and pro version. I'll test it out and see.


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        I use mobipocket but I don't think it handles pdf's. For pdf's I use adobe reader.


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          ^ thanks for the tip.

          Yeah, I just noticed that some of the ones I listed are DOC readers and not PDF readers.