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Propel'r, a new web-based GTD productivity application - register your interest

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  • Propel'r, a new web-based GTD productivity application - register your interest

    Weíve been extremely busy at SonicIQ over the past months working on what we believe to be the ultimate web based GTD productivity application. Itís been hush-hush for a while now, but yesterday we launched the teaser site to gauge initial interest.

    As most great applications do these days, Propelír has grown out of a need. In this case, the need for a web based application built on GTD principles, that should also allow you to work in teams on client projects.

    In our case, we needed to be able to manage multiple client projects, deadlines, resources and time all with GTD in mind. We also needed a way to receive and manage client requests, which would ultimately become projects themselves.

    We are very excited about the application and would urge anyone interested in GTD, enhancing their productivity, managing client projects or simply freeing up their minds for other things to register their interest

    When the app reaches public beta, we will be offering a beta account to the first to register their interest.

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    I'm definitely interested

    I'm interested in trying out the product. I've often thought a web based tool would be really useful.



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      No problem

      tom: no problem, head over to and enter your email address to receive updates.

      There is also a blog at, post a comment there on the first entry with any specific requirements or questions and I'll make sure you are on the initial beta tester list. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed.


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        Canít wait! Will it be ready by X-mas?


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          Afraid not

          I'm afraid not , we are currently looking at an initial beta release early '07 . Sorry I can't be any more specific than that.

          We are open to any suggestions/requirements people may have at Just leave a comment.