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Where to buy folders?

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  • Where to buy folders?

    Hi there. I am based in New Zealand, and am having a really hard job trying to buy plain manila folders that have tabs (like the ones shown in David's General Reference Filing white paper). Seriously, I have been to every major kiwi stationery shop. It's driving me nuts.

    Are any of you able to point me to a website that sells manila folders like David recommends? Obivously it needs to have international shipping options.

    Kind regards,
    Trent Mankelow

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    I'm surprised that your having problems. DA's recommended folders are plain folders all with the tab in the same location (take your choose as to position, I use 1st) ... DA would use "American" letter size and you need A4 size.

    As to a international supplier I don't have one and would suggest the cost + plus shipping + duties would be probative. If you cannot find a supplier of single tab files, either see if you can special order or buy the 3 tab version and pass on the 2 tabs that you don't need. You may also wish to look at a single color rather than the beige that DA recommends, again pass on those files that you don't use ...


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      Here you go

      I just googled New Zealand office supplies. Here is one supplier and of course there are others. And I may have selected the wrong region, "Upper North Island", but they had some other choices available.


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        Thank you so much. I have been into several of the Office Max stores, but they couldn't help me, so I disregarded their website. It's a bit hard to tell if these folders have the tabs I'm after (the images are very small), but I've ordered a bunch, so fingers crossed!